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Fedon.jpg; end of second page; end of this page; execute cgi; play sound.

Paragraph Formats (Block Level Elements)






Photograph Photograph Nothing First HTML Test Page Second HTML Test Page A centered paragraph.
Second line of same paragraph. The following "break" will insert a break until both margins are clear.

An address or signature is normally used at the bottom or top of a page to provide address, signature, or other author information.


Unordered list:

  • First Unordered List Item,
  • Second Unordered List Item,
    • First Unordered List Subitem,
    • Second Unordered List Subitem,
    • Third Unordered List Subitem.
  • Third Unordered List Item.

Ordered list:

  1. First Ordered List Item,
  2. Second Ordered List Item,
    1. First Ordered List Subitem,
    2. One Before Last Ordered List Subitem,
    3. Last Ordered List Subitem.
  3. Third Ordered List Item.

Definition list:

First Term:
This is the definition of first term.
Second Term:
This is the definition of second and last term.

Directory list:

  • First Directory Entry,
  • Second Directory Entry,
  • And so on...

  • Menu list:

  • First Menu Item,
  • Second Menu Item,
  • Third Menu Item.

  • Others

    A preformatted text is text that must be displayed as is, but can
    include embedded tags that will be interpreted for rendering, but
    not all tag types are permitted. To preserve formatting, the text
    is displayed in monospaced font. This tag is preferred to the
    obsolete <LISTING> and <XMP> tags.
    An example text is similar to preformatted text tag, except that no embedded tags will be recognised. This is an obsolete tag. There is also a similar obsolete tag named PLAINTEXT. A listing is similar to preformatted text tag, except that no embedded tags will be recognised. This is also an obsolete tag.
    Document division is used with the ALIGN attribute to set the text alignment of the block elements it contains. Paragraph marks will not be displayed before and after DIV elemenets. This flag should be used instead of the CENTER tag.
    A centered division within a document. The DIV flag provides a better solution.
    A block quote displays as an indented, single-spaced block of text, which is separated from the body text by a paragraph break.
    A "marquee" is a paragraph consisting of horizontally scrolling text. (Recognised only in Microsoft Internet Explorer.)

    Character Formats (Text Level Elements)

    Physical Character Formats (Font Style Elements)

    "Normal", "bold", "big font", "blink (Netscape only)", "italic", "strike-through", "strike-out", "small font", "subscript", "superscript", "teletype (monospaced)", "underline".

    "Font 1", "Font 2", "Font 3", "Font 4", "Font 5", "Font 6", "Font 7".
    "Font -2", "Font -1", "Font normal", "Font +1", "Font +2", "Font +3", "Font +4".

    "ZapfHumnst BT" or "Arial Narrow".

    "Red", "lime", "blue", "yellow", "fuchsia", "aqua", "maroon", "green", "navy", "olive", "purple", "teal", "black", "gray", "silver", "white".

    Logical Character Formats (Phrase Elements)

    "Normal", "citation", "code (computer program text)", "definition (of term or phrase)", "basic emphasis (generally in italics)", "keyboard input (monospaced)", "this text (except this >< point) must always stay together on one line", "sample characters (monospaced)", "strong emphasis (generally in bold)", "variable term or phrase (generally in italics)".


    A very simple scribble applet. This example is from the book Java in a Nutshell, Second Edition. Written by David Flanagan. © 1997 O'Reilly & Associates.

    Sorry! Your browser either does not support Java or Java is not currently enabled! You cannot use this sample Java applet...

    Special Characters

    &yuml;      for ÿ      | &yacute;    for ý      | &uuml;      for ü
    &ugrave;    for ù      | &ucirc;     for û      | &uacute;    for ú
    &thorn;     for þ      | &szlig;     for ß      | &shy;       for ­
    &reg;       for ®      | &quot;      for "      | &ouml;      for ö
    &otilde;    for õ      | &oslash;    for ø      | &ograve;    for ò
    &ocirc;     for ô      | &oacute;    for ó      | &ntilde;    for ñ
    &nbsp;      for        | &lt;        for <      | &iuml;      for ï
    &igrave;    for ì      | &icirc;     for î      | &iacute;    for í
    &gt;        for >      | &euml;      for ë      | &eth;       for ð
    &egrave;    for è      | &ecirc;     for ê      | &eacute;    for é
    &copy;      for ©      | &ccedil;    for ç      | &auml;      for ä
    &atilde;    for ã      | &aring;     for å      | &amp;       for &
    &agrave;    for à      | &aelig;     for æ      | &acirc;     for â
    &aacute;    for á      | &Yacute;    for Ý      | &Uuml;      for Ü
    &Ugrave;    for Ù      | &Ucirc;     for Û      | &Uacute;    for Ú
    &THORN;     for Þ      | &Ouml;      for Ö      | &Otilde;    for Õ
    &Oslash;    for Ø      | &Ograve;    for Ò      | &Ocirc;     for Ô
    &Oacute;    for Ó      | &Ntilde;    for Ñ      | &Iuml;      for Ï
    &Igrave;    for Ì      | &Icirc;     for Î      | &Iacute;    for Í
    &Euml;      for Ë      | &Egrave;    for È      | &Ecirc;     for Ê
    &Eacute;    for É      | &ETH;       for Ð      | &Ccedil;    for Ç
    &Auml;      for Ä      | &Atilde;    for à      | &Aring;     for Å
    &Agrave;    for À      | &Acirc;     for       | &Aacute;    for Á
    &AElig;     for Æ


    This is the caption of the table.
    This table consists of three columns and three rows. However some cells span more than one column or row.
    Heading 1 Heading
    This is the cell consisting of rows 2 and 3 in column 1. This is the cell consisting of columns 2 and 3 in row 2.
    Column 2 in row 3. Column 3 in row 3.


    A sample form with form fields:

    Text input:

    Password input:




    Multi line input:

    Single selection: Multiple selection:

    Inline Frames And Objects

    Inline Frame

    HTML Object

    Your browser does not support objects.

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