Test Bitcoin Multiplier

This is a Testnet3 Bitcoin faucet

If you send some test Bitcoins (tBTC) to the following Testnet address, a 10-fold amount will be sent back to you:

 QR Code mhAhgRknGozuCssM4RFMYrAzYFJ18pUh7P

• The maximum amount to be sent back is limited to < 10 tBTC.

• The amount you send should be in the form of 0.XXX02580 with a minimum of 0.00102580 tBTC and a maximum of 0.99902580 tBTC.

• Any amount ≥ 1.000 tBTC or < 0.001 tBTC or not in the form of 0.XXX02580 will be considered as unneeded test money and will not be returned to you.

• A spend-from address (that is, your address sending the test money) can only be used once. Please, use a different address from your wallet, if you want to use this service more than once!

• You can expect a return time of maximum 5 minutes after your first confirmation occurs in the network.

• Please, send your unneeded test Bitcoins to the address above. Any amount not in the form of 0.XXX02580 tBTC will do!

• You can mail me for any problems or suggestions.

• The current balance of our Testnet Bitcoin Faucet is unknown.


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