A trip to Rodos and Simi Islands
(19-25 Sept 2007)

Day 1 - Arrival to Rodos island

In the second half of September 2007 we decided to go for vacations to Marmaris and stay at Amazon Camping in the countryside. We would stay there for 4 days and then spent a week at Rodos island in Greece after which we would stay another 4 days at Amazon Camping before our return home.

So we set out for Marmaris early on Saturday 15th of September and we arrived at Amazon Camping in the afternoon. We spent sme quiet and great time there and on Wednesday the 19th in the afternoon we set out for Rodos. We took the catamaran from Marmaris harbour to Rodos. As soon as we get out of the catamaran we set out to the center to find a Hotel. After we settled at the Hotel we went out to look for some ticket for Simi island for the next day. We bought a ticket for a daily visit to Simi and then we started strolling thru the streets of the old Rodos city. We had dinner at some ouzeri in some of the beatiful narrow streets.

Following are two photos taken that night in the old city's main square.The next two pictures are the Map of the island and the plan of the city.