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Full Name Vasil Kadifeli
Birth date 15 October 1959
Birth place Istanbul / Turkey
Citizenship Turkish
Marital Status Single
Home Address Muratpaşa sok. Tuğ ap. 8/8
Ziverbey 81040 Kadıköy
Istanbul / TURKEY
Phone +90(216)346 42 61
+90(216)349 42 67
Job Address TEB
Genel Mudurluk
Meclisi Mebusan cad
Esma Hatun Camii sok no.9
80040 Findikli
Phone +90(212)251 21 21 -ext 2557
Fax +90(212)
Cell +90(532)


1982-1984 MS Boğaziçi University
The Institute of Science and Engineering
Department of Computer Engineering
1977-1982 BA Boğaziçi University
Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences
Department of Management with majors in
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Operations Research
1971-1977 High School Fener Rum Erkek Lisesi


2000 Feb - Present
Employer TEB - TURKIYE EKONOMI BANKASI One of the leading Turkish Banks.
Job Title Project Manager
Nature of the Job To help the efforts of the Bank on the centralisation of its IT infrastructure and application that is currently of a distributed type.
1999 Sept - 2000 Feb
Employer TOPRAKBANK TAŞ One of the leading Turkish Banks.
Job Title Phoenix Project Coordinator
Nature of the Job To coordinate the installation, setup, and rollout efforts of the newly acquired banking application, namely "Phoenix".
1996-1999 Sept
Employer GARANTİ TEKNOLOJİ TAŞ sister IT company of Garanti Bank.
Job Title Business Unit Manager
Nature of the Job Worked as a business unit manager responsible of two project leaders.
The first project group was incharge of the development and enhancement of CICS applications like:
  • Utility Bill Payments for our customers
  • Outstanding Payment Orders of our customers, both within the Bank and outside via the national EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) system
  • Direct Debit requirements of our customers
  • Interface to our Bank’s clients’ computer systems, mainly AS/400, with the purpose to exchange data
  • Background host system services of our Internet home banking application
  • Redevelopment of the host check clearing system together with customisation and maintenace of the CGK cheque image capturing application system
  • Development of applications to support capturing of our clients’ signatures and photos, and applications to access them
The second project group was incharge of a research for a new application development tool and methodology for the company. Today we have completed the definition of the basics for the new methodology that our new application development environment will require, and we are in the process of widespreading it, so that the new methodology and toolset can gain acceptance in the company.
In summary :
  • A research project was started in the beginning of 1996 for a new application development environment that will carry the bank’s applications to the next millennium. In September 1996 the results of the market study were in favor of Texas Instruments’ tool, namely Composer (today Sterling Software’s COOL:Gen).
  • A proof of concept project was completed within November 1996 with the help of Texas Instruments’ consultants.
  • December 1996 was the month we hold our first courses of the toolset.
  • In the beginning of 1997 the first Client/Server pilot project was started : The Automation of the Promissory Notes Center of the Bank, a project with very little interface to the existing applications. The project was taken into production at the end of May 1997.
  • The second Client/Server pilot project : The Automation of the Open Branches of the Bank was started right afterwards. The project was intended for the Open Branch project of the Bank. The purpose of the Open Branch project was to target ‘C Segment’ customers of our bank who have difficulty in getting a credit card and in this way to increase our Bank’s credit card market share. A credit card application package of Hogan Systems was acquired to support that project (Hogan Systems was abandoned within 1998). Our project, with COOL:Gen, was a Client/Server application to support and cover the basic banking transactions of the Open Branches. A project that had a high interface to the existing core banking applications. Although the project was completed in the beginning of 1998 it has not been tested by the System Analysis team, thus it has not been taken into production.
  • Within 1998 we have been through with the definition of the essential points for the CBD (Component Based Development) approach in applications development with COOL:Gen, and nowadays we are putting these principles into practice. We have defined the new standards and we have finished with the first version of our own programming template that will support CBD principles.
  • During the fall of 1998 we started the development of a new GUI based project : The New Client/Server Branch Application based on the CBD concept. Nowadays we plan to launch the application in July 1999. The project is completeley based on the current application infrastructure and in this way we intend to renew the branch application by replacing it gradually within time.
Employer same company
Job Title Business Unit Manager
Nature of Job Was responsible of the maintenance and enhancement of the online core banking system, supervising both the Siemens Nixdorf branch and the Host IBM, MVS, CICS application development teams. Outstanding projects were those for the Treaury Department and the Operations Department of our Bank used for our customers’ Import-Export transactions. That was a block-mode type application running under CICS.
The workflow of Export-Import transactions starts at the branch level with request transactions to the Operations department. Information flows to the Operation Centers through the approval of some other related departments like Treasury and Loan departments. After completion of the process all documents for the customer are prepared to be printed back at the branch.
Employer same company
Job Title Project Leader
Nature of Job Worked as a project leader responsible of the development of the new branch application, supervising a team of four programmers.
The application was developed in the COBOL language to run on a Siemens Nixdorf BNC computer system and to interface Host PL/1 applications running under CICS via the SNA LU 2.0 connection. The first two pilot branches were put into production during March 1988 and the rest of the branch network, some 200 branches at that time, were connected to the new online system during the following two years. Maintenance and enhancements for the branch application continued during the following years.
In the meanwhile two off-shore branches with stand-alone Siemens-Nixdorf BNC systems were established. One in Rotterdam and one in Malta. The same system was also installed in the United Garanti International Bank at Amsterdam, Netherlands. Today that application has been replaced with another called Globus bought from the British market.
Employer BILPA TAS sister IT company of Yapı ve Kredi Bank.
Job Title Programmer, Data Base Administrator
Nature of Job Worked as a programmer and Data Base administrator for the DL/1 data base on an IBM VSE environment. Experience in the online environment of the bank under the CICS transaction processing system, with the PL/1 language and DL/1 data base systems.


Computer O/S Time Experience
IBM, VSE 8 years Detailed knowledge
IBM, MVS 6 years Detailed knowledge
PC, Windows 3.11 2 years User level
PC, Windows NT 3 years User level
Developer level for COOL:Gen applications
Computer Software Time Experience
COOL:Gen 3 years Detailed knowledge
COBOL 12 years Detailed knowledge
PL/1 13 years Detailed knowledge
PASCAL 4 years Detailed knowledge
IBM, CICS 13 years Detailed knowledge
IBM, DL/1 - IMS DB 13 years Detailed knowledge
IBM, DB2 (SQL) 5 years Detailed knowledge
MS Office Products 5 years User level
Languages Level
Turkish Very Good
Greek Good
English Good
French Limited