My Watercolor Gallery (page 3)

© The following watercolor paintings have been produced from photos mainly at that are copyright free. Even though there may be some produced partly from photos and artwork of other painters these are not intended for sale and have been made just for the sake of practicing...

A Fairy in My Garden
painted on 25/01/2004 from Rod Webb lessons

painted on 31/01/2004 from Pam Peter's demo at wetcanvas

Quiet time at lake
painted on 01/02/2004 from Carol Campbell's demo at wetcanvas

Red peppers
painted on 01/02/2004 from Rod Webb lessons

Avon River Sunset
painted on 07/02/2004 from Rod Webb's lessons

Oia - Santorini island
painted on 22/02/2004 from my own photo

Sun flowers
painted on 22/02/2004 from photo delivered at WatercolorWorkshop site

Peppers, fiestaware and glass
painted on 29/02/2004 from photo rendered at wetcanvas

painted on 13/03/2004 from Rod Webb's lessons