Sour Cherry Liqueur

This is a recipe for a liqueur made from the wonderful fruit of late summer which will warm up you in the winter...


  • 1 kg sour cherry
  • 700 cc alcohol
  • 700 cc water
  • 1 kg caster sugar
  • 9-10 pieces cinnamon peel
  • 7-8 pieces ginger root
  • 2 muscat (that small indian nut)
  • 50-60 cloves


Wash the cherries without separating their stems and then cut one third of the stems and place the fruit into a big glass jar so as to be able watch the liqueur from outside.

Put the sugar, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Crush the muscats a little and add them to the jar.

Pour the alcohol and the water. Actually you can add some more alcohol and water because the amount of ingredients is pretty good enough.

Place the jar in a cool and dark place. Like under the workbench in the kitchen. Your sour cherry liqueur will be ready within four weeks. If by that time you see that sugar has not yet melted you can stir the liquer a little (do not overstir it) and wait some more time.

Share your liqueur with a firend and I wish you happy and warm winter evenings.