Online Registration for Personal Address File

You can generate your registration user key for Personal Address File program online. To do this, carefully follow the steps given at the end of this page.

Personal Address File is no longer supported.
You must migrate to Personal Notes File as soon as possible!

Your registration request information:

(Please paste your registration request information above.)
Your e-mail address:

(Please give a correct e-mail address, e.g., account@domain, if you have one.)

  1. Switch to ADDRFILE program.
  2. From the Help menu choose Registration...
  3. Enter your user name in the input box labeled Your name. This will be the user name you want to register your copy of ADDRFILE.
  4. Click to the Copy Registration Request Information button and then to OK. This will copy the necessary information (your user name and your registration request number) to the Windows Clipboard.
  5. Switch back to your web browser.
  6. Paste this information to multiline input box above. (Do right click with your mouse and then click Paste.)
  7. Fill in your e-mail address correctly, if you want to receive information on new versions of the program.
  8. Click the Generate Reg. User Key button.
  9. When a new page is displayed, select the bold string displayed on the third line of the page and copy it to the Windows Clipboard. (Do a right mouse click and then click Copy).
  10. Switch back to ADDRFILE program and paste the registration user key you copied to the input box labeled Your registration user key.

If you have any problems, please mail me.

More information about Personal Address File.

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