Personal Notes File

Migration from ADDRFILE

The previous major version of NOTEFILE was called ADDRFILE. Practically, NOTEFILE is version 2.x of ADDRFILE. ADDRFILE’s native data file format was CSV. NOTEFILE no longer uses this format and it has introduced a new file format (NTF).

Users who have used ADDRFILE in the past have to convert their .csv files to NTF format before using their old files under NOTEFILE. The common format supported by ADDRFILE and NOTEFILE is the simple TXT format. However there is one difference: ADDRFILE’s .txt (and .csv) files stored text data in the default Windows ISO (ANSI) code page encoding. However, NOTEFILE uses the more flexible and widely used UTF-8 encoding for .txt (and .ntf) files. To help with this conversion, a last version (1.24) of ADDRFILE was prepared. Please, follow the steps given below very carefully while doing the conversion.

To convert an ADDRFILE file (CSV format) to NOTEFILE file (NTF format)

Important: If your .csv file is encrypted and contains sensitive data, please do all the operations described below under a secure directory on a secure computer and do not forget to securely delete the unencrypted .txt file created in step 4!

  1. Download the latest (1.24) version of ADDRFILE and start using it.
  2. Open your .csv file in ADDRFILE.
  3. Go to File | Setup... in ADDRFILE and Clear the Alt. save file name if present.
  4. Using File | Save As... save your file as TXT type, but change the file name so that it should end with utf8 (like myfileutf8.txt). Your file will be saved unencrypted!
  5. Switch to NOTEFILE.
  6. Using File | Open... open the new .txt file in NOTEFILE.
  7. Go to File | Setup... and give a Password to your file. (Giving a password to your NOTEFILE file is optional, if you had not given a password to your ADDRFILE file previously.) Choose an appropriate Translit. language and copy any other configuration information from ADDRFILE to NOTEFILE.
  8. If you had used Quick Search Items..., press F6 both in ADDRFILE and NOTEFILE and copy any of these items to NOTEFILE.
  9. If you had used Autodial..., press F8 both in ADDRFILE and NOTEFILE and manually copy the configuration data to NOTEFILE.
  10. Using File | Save As... in NOTEFILE save your file in NTF format.
  11. Securely delete the .txt file created in step 4, but keep the original .csv file in case unexpected things happen.
  12. Check the contents of the newly created .ntf file in NOTEFILE and continue to use it if everything is OK.
  13. You can delete ADDRFILE and your old .csv file only after you are fully confident that NOTEFILE is functioning as expected by you.

To migrate ADDRFILE permanent license to NOTEFILE

Please, open Help | Registration in ADDRFILE and Help | Registration in NOTEFILE side by side and copy Your name and Your registration user key from ADDRFILE to NOTEFILE.

Note: If Your name contains non-ASCII characters (like éöçφЖ etc.) you have to contact the author for a new user key.