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Calculate TOTP... Command


The Calculate TOTP... command is used to calculate a Google Authenticator compatible Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) using the currently selected text as the secret key.

To calculate a time-based one-time password

  1. Position the insertion point to a base32 string, which corresponds to the secret key of your service provider or completely select the string. Typically this will be a string of 16, 26, 32, or 64 characters.
  2. From the Edit menu choose Calculate TOTP....
  3. The calculated time-based one-time password will be displayed.


  • If you do not select some string, an automatic selection not including spaces and end of line characters will be made.
  • This command does not check whether the selected text is a valid base32 string.
  • The calculated TOTP will be displayed in a simple dialog and if you click OK, it will also be copied to the Clipboard.
  • The calculated TOTP is valid only for a 30-second time slot. The remaining time in seconds as of the time the dialog box initially popped out is also displayed. If you think that it will be too late for you to use the calculated TOTP, you may want to repeat this command for an updated TOTP.
  • If your system time is not correct, the TOTP created by this command will not be correct also. To check your system time see the Check Time... command.

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