Personal Notes File

Undo Command


The Undo command is used to reverse the last edit actions made on the notes information of the currently open card.

To undo your last edit action(s)

  1. From the Edit menu choose Undo.
  2. You can repeat this, until all edits that you have done previously on this card are undone.

This command will not be available when there are no edits done since the time you switched to this card or when all available undos are applied (you exhausted the undo history) on the current card or you have just used the Restore command from the Card menu.


  • The menu item named Undo in the Windows context menu displayed when you right click on the notes information area is not related to the (unlimited) undo functionality of NOTEFILE described here. Please do not use it, because it will be simply considered as another edit done by you on the notes information text.
  • The number of possible undos that can be done will be shown along with the Undo caption of this menu item.

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