Personal Notes File

Run PScript Command


During the initial execution of NOTEFILE or later, after you use the Reload PScript command, the PScript menu will be populated with the first 25 scripts in the PSCRIPT.TXT file. To run any of these, select it by its name in the PScript menu.

To run a Pascal script loaded into the PScript menu

  1. Open the card that you want to be affected by the script and position the insertion point or select a text in the Notes Information Area.
  2. From the PScript menu select the script name that you want to be executed.
  3. Depending on the script logic, the CText, MText, and/or SText variable(s) may be accessed and/or modified by the script.
  4. After the Pascal script completes, if any of these variables are modified, they will affect the NOTEFILE environment. For more information, please look at the PScript File help topic.


  • To completely disable script execution, you have to remove the PSCRIPT.TXT file from the directory where NOTEFILE executable resides.
  • If you want to disable a specific script, edit the PSCRIPT.TXT file and put double slashes (//) in front of the script name (the first line in the Notes Information area).

Keyboard shortcut

The first nine scripts can be accessed using Shift+Fx where x is a number between 1 and 9.