Personal Notes File

Release History

Date/Version: Comments:
Version 2.02
15th public release
  • Switch to donationware licensing model;
  • Addition of the Calculate TOTP... menu command;
  • Addition of the new Tools menu and the ability to run external commands (defined in NOTEFILE.CMD file) as filters on the selected text;
  • Some improvements for international characters in Find (In ASCII case) and Edit | Copy ASCII menu options;
  • The maximum number of Quick Search Items increased from 9 to 25;
  • Display of line and column cursor position at the status bar;
  • Addition of the Tel: protocol in the Autodial command;
  • Bug fixes on Search menu (Linux);
  • Other minor bug fixes.
Version 2.01
14th public release
  • The generation of .BAK and .BK* files is now configurable; if Backup file count in File | Setup is 0, then no BAK file will be created;
  • New unlimited Undo and Redo;
  • Linux compatibilities:
    • Keyboard shortcut for switching between Notes Information Area and the Notes Index List is now Ctrl+TAB.
    • File names and extensions are in lowercase by default.
    • Some dialog boxes are now user resizable.
  • Bug fixes and user interface improvements.
Version 2.00
13th public release
  • A complete revision under Lazarus IDE with a new application name;
  • A new file format (NTF), with UTF-8 character encoding, mandatory compression, improved encryption and smaller data file size;
  • A new web-based Help system;
  • Improvements in the Search menu;
  • Improvements in Card Information, including creation and last update time of each card and the NTF file itself;
  • TRANSLIT.TXT file for flexible character conversions;
  • PSCRIPT.TXT file for the new PScript menu (Pascal scripting);
  • Rarely used and outdated Phonebook menu removed;
  • Free registration removed;
  • Bug fixes.
Version 1.24
Twelfth public release
  • Hidden option to save the TXT file in UTF-8 format (file name must end with 'utf8.txt');
  • Use of Ultimate Packer for eXecutables ( for smaller EXE size discontinued;
  • Some bug fixes.
Version 1.23
Eleventh public release
  • Addition of the Change Case menu option;
  • Addition of the Paste Random String menu option;
  • Modification in Copy ASCII menu option;
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 1.22
Tenth public release
  • Save the restored window coordinates instead of the current ones to prevent the maximized window problem;
  • A phone dialer similar to, but better than the one in CARDFILE;
  • Ability to execute commands stored in address file;
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 1.21
Ninth public release
  • Ability to optionally compress CSV files;
  • Addition of the Clear Recent file names command;
  • Improvements in the Phonebook menu to support more brands of mobile phones;
  • Addition of the Close Port and Mobile Information command;
  • Ability to Resequence phonebook entries from an arbitrary starting point;
  • Many bug fixes and GUI improvements.
Version 1.20
Eighth public release
  • Addition of the Card Information command;
  • Alternate save file name (for mirroring your data file);
  • Smaller EXE size, thanks to Ultimate Packer for eXecutables (;
  • Many bug fixes.
Version 1.19
Seventh public release
  • Ability to read CRD files with RRG header;
  • Ability to manipulate mobile phonebook entries by using the newly added Phonebook menu;
  • Improvements in the Search menu and ability to do replacements;
  • Addition of some menu shortcuts;
  • File drag & drop support;
  • Ability to move address index list to left;
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.
Version 1.18
Sixth public release
  • Confirmation to the delete card command;
  • Autosave the currently being edited card;
  • Ability to buy permanent license;
  • Changes in the Registry location;
  • Bug fixes.
Version 1.17
Fifth public release
  • Online registration from Web;
  • Ability to specify word wrap;
  • Ability to indent printouts;
  • Expanding tabs to spaces on printouts;
  • Set maximum length for a card to 32KB to prevent problems;
  • Fixed Search menu items in the pop-up menu which were not working;
  • Bug fixes.
Version 1.16
Fourth public release
  • Ability to change font properties;
  • Ability to read CRD files larger than 64KB;
  • Bug fixes.
Version 1.15
Third public release
  • Some bug fixes;
  • Secure password prompt;
  • Solved problems with size adjustment of controls;
  • Addition of automatic save ability.
Version 1.14
Second public release
  • New features:
  • Ability to read and write in TXT format;
  • Encryption of CSV files;
  • Ability to adjust the size of controls;
  • Configuration options saved in data file;
  • Bug fixes.
Version 1.11
First public release
  • Basic functions of the program included the following:
  • Ability to read old CRD files;
  • Read and write in CSV (native) format;
  • Quick search facility;
  • Free registration through email.