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Reload PScript Command


The Reload Scripts command is used for replacing the Pascal scripts stored in memory with new contents of PSCRIPT.TXT file. Normally the PSCRIPT.TXT file is loaded at startup of NOTEFILE (if present). Later if you make changes to this file while NOTEFILE is running, you can use this command to reload the file contents.

To reload the PSCRIPT.TXT file contents

  1. From the PScript menu choose Reload Scripts.
  2. If there is a file called PSCRIPT.TXT in the same directory as the NOTEFILE executable file, it will be reloaded by erasing any previously loaded Pascal scripts from memory. Otherwise an error message will be given.

Note: Only the first 25 scripts in the file will be loaded; the rest will be ignored.

For more information about PSCRIPT.TXT file look at the PScript File help topic.

Error messages

Pascal Script File PSCRIPT.TXT not found!
The PSCRIPT.TXT file should be in the same directory as the NOTEFILE executable file being run. In Linux its name should be fully in lowercase letters.
Pascal Script File may not be longer than number bytes.
There is a 20 KiB limit on the length of the PSCRIPT.TXT file being loaded. If your file is greater than this, please remove unneeded scripts from the file or try to simplify its contents.
Error reading Pascal scripts from PSCRIPT.TXT: System message
There was an IO error during file read.