Personal Notes File

Translit File

NOTEFILE comes with a default translit file (TRANSLIT.TXT) that is used for the following Edit menu commands: Copy ASCII and Change Case. This file must be present in the same directory as the NOTEFILE executable. Otherwise it will not be utilized and the default system rules will be used for these commands. Please note that, in Linux the name of the file should be fully in lowercase letters.

You can open and edit this file with NOTEFILE as any other TXT (text) file. When you open this file with NOTEFILE to view or edit it, the rules present in this file will be displayed on separate cards, one for each language. The first line will be the language name and the remaining lines will contain conversion rules for characters occurring in that language. The default TRANSLIT.TXT contains definitions for some European languages, but you can modify these definitions or add new languages (as new cards) to the file. The format of the lines coming after the language name is like this:


The first letter should be a single UTF-8 encoded character. The character coming after the first vertical bar (|) should be its lowercase equivalent; the character coming after the second vertical bar should be its uppercase equivalent; and the character coming after the last vertical bar should be its closest ASCII equivalent. Failure to create the rules using this convention may result in unwanted things.

Example rule line

The Turkish language uses similar letters as the most European languages, with one important exception: the dotted and dotless I’s which have some implications in casing: the uppercase for i is İ and the lowercase for I is ı. The default system rules will convert the lowercase i or ı to uppercase I and the uppercase İ or I to lowercase i. This is incorrect in Turkish and results in information loss. For this reason, the following rules are used the TRANSLIT.TXT file for Turkish:


Note that a rule is needed for each case. There are two rules for each of the two letters: one for the uppercase and one for the lowercase.


  • After you make your changes, be sure to save this file as a TXT file (and not as an NTF file) and put it in the directory where the NOTEFILE executable exists. Otherwise it will not be utilized by NOTEFILE.
  • Important: The TRANSLIT.TXT file is a UTF-8 encoded text file without BOM. Please be careful when you edit this file with another text editor!
  • Please, take care not to overwrite your customized TRANSLIT.TXT file by the standard version that comes in the .7z file of a new version of NOTEFILE during an upgrade process.