Personal Notes File

Save File Command


The Save command is used to save the notes file in memory to disk.

To save a notes file

  1. From the File menu choose Save.
  2. If you already have given a name to file, your notes file information is stored on this file. The old version of the file is saved with the same name, but with extension BAK (depending on your File Setup). If you have not already given a name to your file, the Save As command is executed automatically.


If you want to determine whether a notes file in memory is given a name or not, you can look at the window title of the Personal Notes File program. A CRD file cannot be saved; use the Save As command to save it in NTF format.

When you save a notes file in TXT format, take care not to specify a Card Separator character that appears in the beginning of a line in your data. If this is the case, a space character will be inserted in front of the lines starting with the card separator character and a warning message will be given.

This command is unavailable if you have not modified the notes file.

Keyboard shortcut


Error messages

Cannot save in CRD format!
NOTEFILE cannot save files with CRD extension. You can either save the file in NTF or TXT format. Use the File | Save As... command.
Problem in saving alternate file.
If you give a name for the alternate save file name in the File | Setup... dialog box, then a second copy of your data file will be created each time you save your notes file. However, if the alternate path you specified is not available during save you will get this error message. Also, you will get the same error message if both your primary and the alternate file name refer to the same location.
File will be saved unencrypted!
Your NTF file was encrypted and now you are trying to save the file as a plain text file (TXT).
A space character was inserted in front of number lines starting with the card separator character.
As explained above, you tried to save a TXT file which has number of lines starting with the card separator character. To protect you from further errors, NOTEFILE has added a space character in front of these lines.