Personal Notes File

Run Command Command


During the initial execution of NOTEFILE or later, after you use the Reload Commands List command, the Tools menu will be populated with the first 25 command titles obtained by running the NOTEFILE.CMD executable file with no parameter. To run any of these listed commands, select it by its title in the Tools menu.

To run a command listed in the Tools menu

  1. Open the card that you want to be affected by the command and position the insertion point or select a text in the Notes Information Area. Note that, if the command only produces output, but does not read any input, you should not select any text; please just position the insertion point to the location where the output of the command will be inserted. If the command reads input and produces some output depending on the given input, then you should select a text that contains the data to be given as input to the command; the selected text can consist of multiple lines if the command can process multiline input (for example a text sorting command); the output of the command will replace the selected text.
  2. From the Tools menu select the command title that you want to be executed.
  3. If the command is to be called with a parameter value between 101 and 200, then an additional input box will be displayed to allow you to enter additional parameter(s) for the command.
  4. The NOTEFILE.CMD file will be executed with the relevant parameters and the selected text will be replaced with the output produced after the execution. For more information, please look at the NOTEFILE.CMD File help topic.


  • To completely disable command execution, you can remove the NOTEFILE.CMD file from the directory where the NOTEFILE executable resides.
  • If you want to disable a specific command, edit the NOTEFILE.CMD file with any appropriate text editor (you cannot use NOTEFILE itself for editing this file) and remove the command title from the section listing all available commands supported by NOTEFILE.CMD.

Error messages

Enter parameter(s) for command title:
When the command title corresponds to a parameter in the range 101 through 200, NOTEFILE will prompt you to enter additional command parameter(s).

For other error messages, see the end of Reload Commands List command help topic.