Personal Notes File

TXT Format

TXT formatted files are normal text files containing UTF-8 encoded characters. They can be created and edited with a text editor, like NOTEPAD++ which can save files in UTF-8 without BOM format.

To separate a card from another, NOTEFILE uses a Card Separator character. The first character in the TXT file is taken as the Card Separator. In subsequent lines of the file, a line starting with the Card Separator character starts a new card. NOTEFILE may encounter difficulties when opening a text file which does not start with the correct Card Separator character. (It must be a displayable ASCII character or the Form Feed character.) For an example of a text file using the left bracket ([) as the Card Separator, see the README.TXT file which comes with NOTEFILE.

When you save a card file in TXT format, NOTEFILE uses Form Feed as Card Separator by default. But you can change this to any other displayable character from the File Setup... menu item.


  • File setup information is not saved in TXT files. So, for example, Quick Search Items will not be saved in a TXT file.
  • It is not possible to create an encrypted and/or compressed TXT file. So, it is not advisable to use a TXT file for documents holding critical data.
  • When editing TXT files to be used by NOTEFILE, use a text editor that can save files in UTF-8 without BOM format. In NOTEPAD for Windows do not select UTF-8 with BOM while saving such a file; select UTF-8 only.