Personal Notes File

CSV Format

The previous major version of NOTEFILE (namely ADDRFILE) used the CSV format instead of the new NTF format. NOTEFILE cannot read the CSV format, so any files in CSV format (created by ADDRFILE) have to be migrated to NTF first.

CSV format was a very simple format which was used mainly to store text data. In this format, each card was stored as a separate line in a text file. Lines within a card were separated by commas (or spaces), and optionally enclosed in double quotes. Double quote marks that were present in a line within a card were repeated to distinguish them from the quotes that surrounded each line within a card. Spaces and commas that were not contained within double quote marks were delimiters. Two commas next to each other indicated an empty line within a card, but spaces that appeared next to another delimiter were ignored.

ADDRFILE extended this format by adding a configuration record, compression, and encryption. After compression and/or encryption, it was practically impossible to edit a CSV file with a normal text editor.

Note: NOTEFILE will not open CSV files. You need to convert them to NTF format.