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Paste Random String Command


The Paste Random String command is used to insert a 10-character string of random characters at the insertion point.

To paste a random string to notes information

  1. Place the insertion point to the place in notes information where you want to paste the random string. Or, select the text you want to be replaced.
  2. From the Edit menu choose Paste Random String.
  3. If there is already a selected text in notes information, it is replaced by a 10-character string of random characters. Otherwise, the string is inserted at the place of the cursor.

The random string consists of 10 characters randomly selected from the ASCII range between ! (ASCII code 33) and ~ (ASCII code 126). You can use this feature to generate random passwords. Use this command several times in sequence to create longer strings. Delete or change the characters that you cannot use or do not like.

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