Personal Notes File

TXT Format

TXT formatted files are normal text files containing UTF-8 encoded characters. They can be created and edited with a text editor, like NOTEPAD++ which can save files in UTF-8 without BOM format.

To separate a card from another, NOTEFILE uses a Card Separator character. The first character in the TXT file is taken as the Card Separator. In subsequent lines of the file, a line starting with the Card Separator character starts a new card. NOTEFILE may encounter difficulties when opening a text file which does not start with the correct Card Separator character. (It must be a displayable ASCII character or the Form Feed character.) For an example of a text file using the left bracket ([) as the Card Separator, see the README.TXT file which comes with NOTEFILE.

When you save a card file in TXT format, NOTEFILE uses Form Feed as Card Separator by default. But you can change this to any other displayable character from the File Setup... menu item.

Note that, file setup information is not saved in TXT files, so, for example, Quick Search Items will not be saved and also it is not possible to create an encrypted and/or compressed TXT file.

Important: When editing TXT files to be used by NOTEFILE, use a text editor that can save files in UTF-8 without BOM format. NOTEPAD in Windows is not a suitable editor for this purpose.