Some Computer Hints


Mozilla Firefox
Web Browser
My number one web browser is Firefox. I revert to Google Chrome only when I meet an ill-behaving web site. There are versions of Firefox for various platforms, including Linux, Windows, Android, and Mac OS X.
Mozilla Thundebird
Email Client
I haven’t used Microsoft Outlook to much. Thunderbird is my main email client. It is also the only news reader I use. Thunderbird runs on Windows and on Linux.
BitTorrent Client
From time to time, I have to download large open source software from the Internet using the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) protocol. For this, I use Vuze (formerly Azureus), the most popular BitTorrent client.
P2P BitTorrent Client
After switching to Linux, I started using the qBittorrent client.
eDonkey Client
To access the eDonkey (ed2k) and the Kademlia (kad) peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) network, I use the open source eMule Windows client. Having a large user base makes eMule excellent for finding rare content. It is considered the most complete implementation of the ed2k and kad protocol. Even after switching to Linux, I still use eMule under Wine because it has better performance than aMule.
Multiprotocol IM
In the old days, I used to run multiple instant messengers (IM) on my computer. In order to simplify management and have less programs on my computer’s memory, I chose to use a single IM client. Running both on Windows and Linux platform Pidgin is the right choice. Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim) supports multiple IM protocols like Yahoo! Messenger, XMPP (used by Google Talk), MSN, IRC, etc.
VoIP Application
If you want to make free phone or video calls over the Internet Skype may be right choice. Having features like instant messaging, file transfer, short message service, video conferencing and the ability to circumvent firewalls makes Skype a popular peer-to-peer (P2P) communication software.
IM & VoIP Application
Viber is a free application which allows you to send and receive text messages, make video or voice calls between mobile phones and/or computers. With the paid “Viber Out” service you can make cheap international and domestic calls at low rates to any conventional phone.
Messaging Application
WhatsApp is a popular application used widely on mobile phones for sending messages and group chatting. It also allows you to make voice calls between mobile phones running the application.
Messaging Application
Telegram is another popular application used widely on mobile phones and/or desktop computers for sending messages and group chatting.