Some Computer Hints


HTTP Server
Being an open source and multi-platform software, Apache HTTP Server is the number one choice of web servers. I run Apache httpd on my PC for testing locally my web site. The same software runs on heavy-load enterprise Internet servers, including my own public web server.
FileZilla FTP Client
If you want a GUI FTP client for Windows, instead of the command-line client which comes by default, you should give FileZilla a try. If you want to run an FTP server on your Windows PC, you can try FileZilla Server.
Windows Network
Packet Capture Library
pcap is an application programming interface for network packet capturing. The implementation of pcap for Windows is called WinPcap. After installing WinPcap on your computer, you can run utilities like WinDump or ngrep for capturing and dumping network packets.
Cygwin is a collection of free software tools that make a Windows system to act like a UNIX system. There are many utilities (some are network-related) which are ported from UNIX environments. I use very much OpenSSH client (ssh, scp, sftp) and server (sshd), Cygwin/X X Server, and network utilities like links, lynx, rsh, wget, whois, etc.
Networking Utilities
There are some very useful free utilities for Windows prepared by Sysinternals which is acquired by Microsoft in 2006. Whether you are an IT professional or a developer, you can use these utilities to help you manage, troubleshoot and diagnose your Windows systems and applications.