Some Computer Hints

Ubuntu Multimedia


To record sound from microphone:

$ parecord file_name

To play back a sound file:

$ paplay file_name

To just speak out some text:

$ spd-say "Hello $(whoami)... How are you doing?"


To resize an image and set the new width to 520px:

$ convert "IMG*.jpg[520x]" -set filename:base "%[base]" \
 "%[filename:base]_R.jpg" filename

To resize an image to half:

$ convert "IMG*.png[50%]" -set filename:base "%[base]" \
 "%[filename:base]_H.png" filename

To change the modification time of an (image) file to the time present in its EXIF header:

$ exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal>FileModifyDate" filename

The exiftool command is very powerful. You can get meta information for almost any type of file (besides image files):

$ exiftool /bin/ls