Some Computer Hints

OS and Environments

Ubuntu Linux
Like me, if you got tired of using Windows on your computer, you can try Ubuntu Linux a Debian-based Linux operating system, with GNOME as its default desktop environment.
Cygwin is a collection of free software tools that make a Windows system to act like a UNIX system. There are many utilities ported from UNIX environments. I use frequently the following command-line tools:
Create PDF documents from outputs printed (to file) by a standard PostScript printer.
UNIX shell functionality on Windows command line.
tar, gzip, ccrypt, cksum, md5sum, sha*sum, upx, ...
File encryption, compression, checksumming, archiving commands.
find, file, cat, wc, tail, diff, ...
File processing commands.
vi, grep, sed, awk, perl, ...
Text processing commands.
gcc, gdb, make, ...
Compiling software.
VMware Player
If you want to run multiple operating systems on your computer at the same time, the number one choice of virtualization is VMware. The free tool VMware Player runs on Windows or Linux and allows you to run any type of operating system as guest.
Oracle VM
After switching to Linux, I started using Oracle VirtualBox, because it is supported better under Ubuntu.