Some Computer Hints

Windows - Others

If you get the error message Windows Update cannot continue because a required service application is disabled, check that the service named Automatic Updates is enabled and also it is set to Automatic.

If you want to run a script, program or batch file while Windows starts and stops, you should use the Windows Local Group Policy Editor (under Administrative Tools or accessed by using the command %windir%\System32\gpedit.msc). Then go to Local Computer Policy → Computer Configuration → Windows Settings → Scripts (Startup/Shutdown). To add a startup script, double click Startup at right, then click the Add... button and enter the full paths of the command and its parameters. Similarly, for the shutdown script go to Shutdown at right.

If you want to add UNIX-like features to your Windows system, consider installing Cygwin. It is free, it contains many UNIX tools, it provides a substantial Linux API functionality and a GNU development and runtime environment.