Some Computer Hints


WinVi is a small, but fast text and binary file editor which supports Unicode, DOS, and ANSI character codes. In hexadecimal mode you can edit a file byte-by-byte (binary). WinVi can be considered as a mixtute of Windows Notepad and UNIX vi editors.
Notepad++ is a free source code / text file editor and Windows Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Whether you edit HTML, Perl, Shell, C, PHP code, the ability to highlight portions of your file with colors makes your editing much more productive. It supports ANSI, UCS and UTF character codes and is far more powerful than WinVi. The only missing part from WinVi is its lack of ability to edit binary files.
After switching to Linux, I started using Geany.
Personal Notes File
If you need a good replacement for the old Windows CardFile utility, please give a try to Personal Notes File software. It is a combination of Windows CardFile and Notepad with many extra capabilities. This program will read your old .CRD files and convert them to more usable formats.