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Personal Notes File Version 02.00 (Download)

A good replacement for Windows CARDFILE by
Version 02.00 released on 18 November 2016

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NOTEFILE.EXE (version 2.00),
(PAD XML File)
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cksum output:
2180919219 1100546
md5sum output:
185054593c5d77c9cb301b3074a563c4 *
sha1sum output:
bdbbe418c468a3ec09228580727923a449971e21 *
sha256sum output:
e64f43bfbe755fd42866ede075f08d46b4e6ccef81f9712d3ecbff90e0d555e0 *
Contact Information and Support:
Address: Batı Ataşehir, İstanbul, Turkey.
Phone: +90-532-407 8419.
Fax: +90-216-688 3074.
E-mail: E-mail form
Pricing and Registering
12 USD
(See Registration information.)

32-bit version

For people with old 32-bit Windows versions (XP and above) which cannot use the standard version provided above, a 32-bit version (931 KB download size) is provided. This version was not tested extensively, so whenever possible you should use the standard (64-bit) version.

Main features

Single .EXE file; no separate .DLL, .VBX, .OCX, etc.

64-bit program that can run on any 64-bit Windows environment.

Simple and easy to use text editor.

Ability to read CRD (Windows CARDFILE) files.

No practical limit in the number and size of cards.

No advertisements, spyware, etc.

Compressed and optionally password protected (encrypted) data file.

Automatic backup copy creation of the previous version of the data file.

Option for periodically saving a special copy of the data file (for crash recovery).

Option to save the data file in an alternate location (mirroring).

Export to and import from (text) TXT files.

Print whole data file or selected card.

Can create Windows shortcut to start program and open a data file automatically.

Can store frequently used searches for doing quick searches.

Phone dialer.

Option to start external programs and to launch default mailer and browser from hyperlinks.

Random string (password) generator.

Pascal scripting for extending program’s functionality by the end user.

Online help

For more information see Main Help topic, Troubleshooting, and Frequently Asked Questions.

* “Company” information

What is FedSoft? FedSoft is a fictitious company. I do not own a company, neither am I thinking of owning a company. However, every Windows software which uses the Windows Registry needs to specify a company and a product name under the key \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE. For this purpose I invented the name “FedSoft” and this name remained as the name of the company developing this software. For more information about me (=FedSoft), please have a look at my CV.

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