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Fedon Kadifeli




I have worked as a research assistant, application and system programmer or administrator for the past years. The idea dominated over me, throughout my university and business life, was to specialize in systems programming, system administration and support. So, I generally took positions in projects to support this aim.

Due to a solid background that I gained in computer software and hardware, I am prepared to meet job expectations in a variety of areas such as banking applications, data communications, system, network, storage, web, database management, etc. My favorite programming languages and operating systems that I love to work with are C and its derivative scripting languages under UNIX and Windows.

My most recent experience was on managing a department responsible for the UNIX and Windows administration of development, test, and production environments (including the administration of and operations on HP-UX, Linux, VMware, Windows Servers and Desktop PCs, Local Area and Wide Area Networks, HP OpenView, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Tuxedo, MS IIS, Storage Area Networks, and all related hardware) and supporting the development of the old branch automation system (developed using Computer Associates’ CA Gen product) and the Internet infrastructure of the Bank. I was managing more than 20 people.


Full Name:
Fedon Kadifeli.
Date and Place of Birth:
January 9, 1965, Istanbul.
Turkish citizen.
Marital Status:
Military Status:
Completed on March 31, 1991.
Home: Batı Ataşehir, Istanbul, Turkey.
Work: Retired since October 2014.
Home: Form to send e-mail
Work: None
Phone Numbers:
Home: (+90-216) 688 3074.
Mobile: (+90-532) 407 8419.
Notice Period:


School Attended: Subject: Qualifications: Date of
Boğaziçi University (1987 - 89), Computer Eng., MS (3.74/4.00), Oct. 3, 1989.
Boğaziçi University (1983 - 87), Computer Eng., BS (3.71/4.00), Jul. 6, 1987.
Boğaziçi University (1982 - 83), Computer Eng., Prep. School (82.8/100).
Özel Zoğrafyon Rum Erkek Lisesi (1979 - 82), High (9.34/10).
Özel Zoğrafyon Rum Erkek Lisesi (1976 - 79), Secondary (9.22/10).
Özel Moda Rum İlkokulu (1970 - 76), Primary (Very good).


ITIL® Foundation for IT Service Management:
Jan. 3 - Jan. 5, 2013 (3 days).
Microsoft (50028) Installing and Configuring System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2:
Mar. 19 - Feb. 23, 2012 (5 days).
Microsoft (6427A) Configuring and Troubleshooting Internet Information Services in Windows Server 2008:
Feb. 16 - Feb. 17, 2012 (2 days).
Microsoft (6437A) Designing a Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure:
Feb. 13 - Feb. 15, 2012 (3 days).
Microsoft (10325A) Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell 2.0:
Jan. 23 - Jan. 25, 2012 (3 days).
Microsoft (6423A) Implementing and Managing Windows Server 2008 Clustering:
Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, 2011 (3 days).
Microsoft (6419B) Configuring, Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2008-based Servers:
Aug. 15 - Aug. 19, 2011 (5 days).
HP BladeSystem Administration:
Jun. 13 - Jun. 15, 2011 (3 days).
VMware 4.0 vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage:
Jan. 19 - Jan. 22, 2010 (4 days).
HP-UX 11i v3 for Experienced HP-UX System Administrators:
Sep. 15 - Sep. 16, 2008 (2 days).
Oracle Database 10g: Administration Workshop I:
Jul. 9 - Jul. 13, 2007 (5 days).
ITIL® Essentials Workshop:
Mar. 5 - Mar. 7, 2003 (3 days).
Practical UNIX and Network Security:
May. 6 - May. 10, 2002 (5 days).
HP-UX Performance and Tuning:
May. 29 - Jun. 01, 2001 (3 days).
HP OpenView IT/Operations level 2:
Oct. 30 - Nov. 2, 2000 (4 days).
HP OpenView IT/Operations level 1:
Oct. 16 - Oct. 20, 2000 (5 days).
Oracle Database Administration:
Jan. 11 - Jan. 15, 1999 (5 days).
BEA Tuxedo 6.4 Application Development:
Nov. 2 - Nov. 6, 1998 (5 days).
HP-UX System Administration:
Oct. 19 - Oct. 23, 1998 (5 days).
BEA Tuxedo Concepts and Architecture:
Oct. 8 - Oct. 9, 1998 (2 days).
HP-UX 11 Upgrade Training:
Mar. 20, 1998 (1 day).
TEPUM Lotus Notes Release 4 System Administration:
Nov. 17 - Nov. 20, 1997 (4 days).
IBM SNA Architecture:
Mar. 26 - Mar. 28, 1997 (3 days).
IBM SNA Introduction and Products:
Mar. 19 - Mar. 20, 1997 (2 days).
IBM VisualGen Introduction:
Oct. 30 - Nov. 3, 1995 (5 days).
IBM Introduction to OS/2 -- OS/2 Warp 3.0 Installation and Usage:
Oct. 9 - Oct. 13, 1995 (5 days).
IBM ezBridge Transact (MQM/AIX):
Nov. 7 - Nov. 9, 1994 (3 days).
IBM DDCS/6000:
Oct. 24 - Oct. 27, 1994 (4 days).
IBM DB2/6000 Administration:
Oct. 17 - Oct. 20, 1994 (4 days).
IBM Uniface Basic Development:
Sep. 12 - Sep. 16, 1994 (5 days).
KOMDATA Novell Networking Technologies:
Mar. 28 - Mar. 30, 1994 (3 days).
SISPRO Bachman CASE Tool:
Oct. 11 - Oct. 22, 1993 (10 days).
NCR StarGroup/LAN Manager System Adm. and Impl.:
Mar. 18 - Apr. 16, 1993 (5 days).
NCR StarLAN/StarGroup Technical Overview:
Mar. 15 - Mar. 16, 1993 (2 days).
NCR Local Area Network (LAN) Concepts:
Mar. 3 - Mar. 5, 1993 (3 days).
NCR Data Communications System Concepts:
Mar. 1 - Mar. 2, 1993 (2 days).
NCR UNIX SVR4 System Administration:
Feb. 15 - Feb. 22, 1993 (5 days).
NCR UNIX SVR4 Operating System:
Feb. 8 - Feb. 12, 1993 (5 days).
NCR SQL Windows:
Aug. 19 - Aug. 28, 1992 (5 days).
NCR Cooperation:
Nov. 5 - Nov. 7, 1991 (3 days).
NCR LAN Manager:
May 23 - May 31, 1991 (4 days).


Alternatifbank A.Ş., Information Systems Group, Istanbul.
Job Title:
Project Manager (Mar. 9, 1998 - Feb. 13, 2008),
Department Manager (Feb. 13, 2008 - Sep. 30, 2014).
Reason for Leaving:
Employer’s decision.
Nature of the Job:
Was the project manager of the group responsible for managing the processor (HP), storage (HP, IBM), operating system (HP-UX, Linux), database (Oracle) and application server (BEA Tuxedo) of the development, test, and production environment. Did research on determining the production environment hardware and software.
Was the department manager responsible for the above-mentioned group, in addition to the groups managing the Windows, MS SQL Server, IIS, VMware, HP BL and DL servers, LAN, WAN, SAN, and desktop PCs including Helpdesk. (Twenty dependent personnel.)
YADAŞ Bilgisayar ve Yazılım A.Ş. (merged with Oyak Teknoloji Bilişim ve Kart Hizmetleri A.Ş. in 2002), Software Development Department, Istanbul.
Job Title:
Project Manager (Sep. 1, 1997 - Mar. 6, 1998).
Reason for Leaving:
To start working at Alternatifbank.
Nature of the Job:
Was the project manager of the newly established Microsystems Software Development Group. This group was responsible for developing PC-based applications, managing the Windows NT-based LAN, and doing other research, support, and development activities.
Pamukbank T.A.Ş. Head Office (merged with Türkiye Halk Bankası A.Ş. in 2004), Software Development Department (formerly Branch and Head Office Software Department), Istanbul.
Job Title:
Project Leader (Nov. 2, 1992 - Sep. 12, 1997),
System Analyst / Programmer (Apr. 15, 1991 - Nov. 2, 1992).
Reason for Leaving:
To start working at YADAŞ.
Nature of the Job:
Documented and maintained the current branch automation system. Was a project leader in the newly established Software Support and Research Group. Prepared the infrastructure of and gave support for both the old and the new branch automation project. Participated in various other projects (e.g. migrating the branch automation project from TMX to AIX and preparing the Web Site of Pamukbank).
Field Medical School, Samsun.
Job Title:
English Translator as Supplementary Officer (Apr. 1, 1990 - Mar. 31, 1991).
Reason for Leaving:
End of military service.
Nature of the Job:
Translated various military and medical texts mainly from English to Turkish.
Boğaziçi University, Computer Engineering Department, Istanbul.
Job Title:
Research Assistant (Nov. 26, 1987 - Jan. 16, 1990).
Reason for Leaving:
To start military service.
Nature of the Job:
Developed software for the department and attended some courses as assistant to the instructors.
Other Work Experience:
- Worked as a part-time programmer in a software house (Destek). (Summer of 1987, 2 months)
- Worked as a part-time programmer in the Computer Center of Boğaziçi University. (1986 - 1987, 3 months)
- Summer training in Computer Centers of Narin and AKAL Textile. (1985 and 1986, total 70 days)
Nature of the Jobs:
Designed and maintained various application and system programs.

Related Projects:

  • Was maintaining the infrastructure of Alternatifbank’s banking applications’ development, test, and production environments (including the administration of HP and IBM storage and SAN, HP BL and DL processor hardware, Windows Servers and HP-UX operating systems running in clusters and NLBs, HP OpenView, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Tuxedo). Directly reporting to the Chief Information Systems Officer (vice president) of the Bank, was managing 23 people (system, network, and database administrators, technicians and system operators). Gave support for the development of the old branch automation system (developed using Computer AssociatesCA Gen, formerly known as Sterling Software’s COOL:Gen product) and the Internet infrastructure of Alternatifbank running on Linux).
  • Took responsibility in the project of interconnecting the various LANs present in Yaşarbank (which was merged with Oyak Bank A.Ş. in 2002 and which in turn was later acquired by ING Bank in 2008) and YADAŞ buildings and connecting all of them to the Internet. (HP and Alpha Servers, RS/6000, HP PCs -- Windows NT and 95, AIX, Lotus Notes, TCP/IP)
  • Participated in Internet related projects in Pamukbank. (RS/6000, PC, Macintosh -- AIX, Windows, HTML, C, JavaScript, Perl)
  • Gave support for the development of the new branch automation system of Pamukbank, e.g. developed the server side (AIX, C, MQSeries, and DB2/6000) of a pilot subproject of the new branch automation system. (RS/6000, PC -- AIX, Windows, CICS/6000, DB2/6000, MQSeries, C, PowerBuilder, and VisualGen using client/server architecture)
  • Documented, maintained, participated in the porting process from TMX to AIX, and gave technical support for the current branch automation system of Pamukbank. (NCR Tower 5000, IBM RS/6000 -- TMX, AIX, C, Korn Shell, and Perl)
  • Translated various computer related books from English to Turkish for Sistem Yayıncılık.
  • Investigated the software reliability of a large commercial telecommunication system. (MS Thesis)
  • Is a co-author of the book Standard C Programming, a publication of the Boğaziçi University Press (1990) and author of its Turkish adaptation Standart C Programlama Dili, a publication of Sarmal Yayınevi (1993).
  • Developed various system and application programs (e.g. PC and terminal reservation systems) in Boğaziçi University Computer Center and Computer Engineering Department. (CDC Cyber, PC -- Assembler, Pascal, and C)
  • Designed a General Purpose Tutorial System as a Term Project. (PC -- Pascal)
  • Developed and maintained application programs in Narin and AKAL. (IBM System/38 -- RPG III)

(in order of decreasing currency)

Computer Hardware: Time: Experience:
PC (DOS, Windows, OS/2, Linux, VMWare), 36 years, Detailed knowledge.
HP 9000 Server (HP-UX), 16 years, Detailed knowledge.
HP Integrity Server (HP-UX), 8 years, Detailed knowledge.
SAN (Disk Arrays & Tape Libraries), 10 years, Detailed knowledge.
HP ProLiant Server and BladeSystem (Windows, VMware, Linux), 6 years, Overview knowledge.
IBM RS/6000 - pSeries (AIX), 3 years, Detailed knowledge.
NCR 5000 Series (TMX), 5 years, Overview knowledge.
NCR 3000 Series (UNIX, Novell, DOS), 3 years, Overview knowledge.
DEC VAX (VMS), 3 months, Not detailed.
Apple Macintosh, 2 years, User level only.
DEC PDP-11 (RSX-11M), 6 months, Not detailed.
CDC Cyber 170/815 (NOS-2), 3 years, Detailed knowledge.
IBM System/38, 3 months, Overview knowledge.
UNIVAC 1106 (EXEC-8), 6 months, Not detailed.
Computer Software: Time: Experience:
Cloud Computing (AWS, GCP, OCI, etc.), 7 years, Detailed knowledge.
UNIX (Linux, Ubuntu, Cygwin, HP-UX, AIX), 26 years, Detailed knowledge.
MS Windows (all versions), 29 years, Detailed knowledge.
MS-DOS, 36 years, Detailed knowledge.
TCP/IP, 26 years, Detailed knowledge.
Python, 6 months, Overview knowledge.
C, 35 years, Expert in all elements.
Korn, POSIX, and Bash Shell Programming, 26 years, Expert in all elements.
WWW Publishing:
   HTML, 26 years, Detailed knowledge.
   PHP, 9 years, Overview knowledge.
   JavaScript, 6 years, Overview knowledge.
   CGI Programming, 26 years, Detailed knowledge.
   Perl, 26 years, Overview knowledge.
   Java, 3 months, Overview knowledge.
LibreOffice Writer, MS Word, 35 years, Detailed knowledge.
LibreOffice Calc, MS Excel, 35 years, Overview knowledge.
Lazarus Free Pascal IDE, Borland Delphi 4GL, 24 years, Overview knowledge.
VMware, 6 years, Overview knowledge.
HP OpenView (Ops, Perf, DP), 16 years, Detailed knowledge.
Lotus Notes, 16 years, User level only.
Oracle (formerly BEA) Tuxedo, 14 years, Overview knowledge.
Oracle Database, 14 years, Overview knowledge.
MySQL, 6 months, Not detailed.
Tivoli, 6 months, Not detailed.
Novell Netware, 5 years, User level only.
IBM VisualGen 4GL, 6 months, Overview knowledge.
IBM CICS/6000, 3 months, Overview knowledge.
IBM MQSeries/6000, 2 years, Detailed knowledge.
IBM DB2/6000 (SQL), 2 years, Overview knowledge.
MS Visual Basic, 2 years, Detailed knowledge.
MS Access, 3 months, Overview knowledge.
PowerBuilder 4GL, 6 months, Overview knowledge.
Uniface 4GL, 3 months, Not detailed.
C++, 6 months, Overview knowledge.
NCR TMX Operating System, 5 years, Overview knowledge.
   CDC 170/815, Z80, 3 years, Detailed knowledge.
   PDP-11, Intel 8088, 3 months, Overview knowledge.
   UNIVAC 1106, etc., 3 months, Not detailed.
DBASE III Plus, 3 months, Not detailed.
Pascal, 6 years, Detailed knowledge.
Prolog, 3 months, Overview knowledge.
IBM RPG III, 3 months, Overview knowledge.
APL, 3 months, Not detailed.
Lisp, 3 months, Not detailed.
COBOL, 3 months, Not detailed.
BASIC, 1 year, Detailed knowledge.
FORTRAN 77, 6 months, Detailed knowledge.
Foreign Languages: Level:
Turkish, Native.
Greek, Native.
English, Very good.
German, Average.

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