Mini Travel Articles
by Vasil Kadifeli

VASİL KADİFELİ’s Mini Travel Articles

Welcome to my Mini Travel Article Pages

I am a retired computer applications development programmer and once I was working as an IT manager for some of the largest banks in the Turkish financial sector. Currently what I do is traveling, painting, music, and cooking, in short I am trying to enjoy my retirement life.

I have visited many of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, and almost all parts of the Turkish Riviera, or the Turquoise Coast as it is also called. These are my favorite places to be in the summer. I am also a lover of the Greek and Turkish cuisines which I have been dieting on for 50 years so far.

Currently I live in Istanbul, Turkey, however I am building my own house outside of the city in the countryside and I plan to move there in spring this year (2009).

I plan here to provide you with some mini articles of the Greek Islands and the Turkish Riviera which may help you for your vacations. I am also planning to offer you some of the lovely recipes of the Greek and Turkish cuisine which they alone make a big part of the Mediterannean style diet. So I have organized my mini articles under the following three sections:

Turkey : Turkish Riviera, the Turquoise Coast

Greece : Greek Isles in the Summer

Cooking : Mediterannean Style Cooking Recipes

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