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Mediterranean Style Cooking Recipes

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The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term Mediterranean Style Cooking is certainly Olive oil. Then come the fresh fruits and vegetables, limited red meat, but reasonable amount of fish and poultry. Probably red wine an important produce offered by the Mediterannean climate. And ofcourse lowering your intake of refined sugars. Research continues to show that the Mediterranean-style diet is good for your health. Recent studies report that a diet rich in fats from olive oil or nuts improvs heart health indicators more effectively than a low-fat diet.

Mediterranean style cooking may sound like a lot of work to you but actually it is not so. It is true that there are many complicated recipes but also there are things which you can prepare as easy as you wish. Another thing is that dishes from this region may include hard-to-find ingredients but this is not true and there are recipes that make it possible to eat this type of diet with very little actual cooking. The emphasis being on fresh fruit and vegetables, a person who already eats lots of those is half-way there without even turning on the oven. Yogurt and cheeses (mainly Feta cheese) are an important part of the Mediterranean cuisine and nowadays you can find them in many grocery stores around you. Instead of including cheese into sandwiches, burgers, omelets etc try to use it more sparingly and as an appetizer or dessert, or in a salad.

Olive oil is the key ingredient. Stay away from fats you get from red meat, dairy products and vegetable cooking oils. Fish is another key ingredient. You can cook it in simple grilled form as well as in the complex Spanish paella form. Mediterranean cuisines use little red meat, and the cooking oil of choice is olive oil. Walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts are important ingredients in many popular recipes, but they're also eaten as snacks or appetizers, accompanied by fruit or cheese.

In these pages I will be offering food and their corresponding recipes mainly from the Greek and Turkish cuisine which I have been dieting on for 50 years so far. But certainly there will be some other recipes from other countries in the teritorry as well.

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